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Adela Haunted Tours welcomes you to explore spooky hotels, ghostly locales, and other Supernatural places. AHT will even take you on ghostly tour or a Historical tour of places. AHT wants to take you on a journey into the mystical world of the paranormal. Adela Haunted Tours was created by a team of paranormal enthusiasts, who have various levels of interest and expertise in the business and paranormal fields. AHT team has put together an extensive researched guide of several ghostly places in America that are currently available to tour. If it is an infamously spooky location you are looking to journey to, or you wish to attend an event that allows you to get up close and personal with the pararnormal, then one of our team guides can assist you in your adventure. The AHT guide person will let you know exactly what you will need to have an experience of a lifetime. If you are looking for something a bit milder, then we have a selection of ghost walks. You will find knowledgeable guides that will keep you intrigued by the tales they spin of Histocial places. You might even happen upon a not so famous place that has some interesting tidbits of information. Adela Haunted Tours wants to share with you all these tales of ghostly and urban legends. Adela Haunted Tours wants to guide your sense of adventure and take you to all the ghostly sightings and scariest of supernatural destinations.

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Scheduled Tour Event:

Dothan Downtown Tour October 5, 11th & 18th

November will be every Friday & Saturday 6pm CST.

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Adela Haunted Tours
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What an awesome experience i had with them, i enjoyed much, very informative and also it gives me the chill when they tell us something weird and creepy stuff about the haunted investigation and expeditions. Recommended! Add some more locations, me and my friends will be back as soon as there's new to explore.
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